Sunday, June 15, 2008

Who is the Best So You Think You Can Dance Choreographer?

When it was announced that Tyce Diorio would be choreographing Kherington and Twitch's Broadway routine on this past week of So You Think You Can Dance, my significant other groaned. Literally groaned.

It got me thinking -- how much do the choreographers end up influencing how we feel about the contesants? When the dance (and the music) are spot-on, the contestants benefit. When they don't (as was the case with Jamie and Rayven's routine this week), they suffer. Consider that on last year's Top 20 show Lacey and Kameron were given a dance by the genius Mia Michaels -- and as a result, Kameron lasted longer in the competition than he probably otherwise would have, and Lacey was immediately something other than "Benji's sister."

So -- who are the best choreographers? And whose work could mean you're doomed? Taking into account three years worth of performances, here's my ranking of the top SYTYCD choreographers -- take the poll and let me know who you think deserves the top spot.

1. Mia Michaels
2. Wade Robson
3. Mandy Moore
4. Tony Meredith
5. Brian Friedman
6. Shane Sparks
7. Jean Mark Generaux
8. Doriana Sanchez
9. Dan Karaty
10. Napoleon and Tabitha

POLL: Who is your favorite SYTYCD choreographer?


Suzanne said...

I actually think its Tyce! I notice you don't even have him as a choice. He is the most well rounded. Two of my favorite SYTYCD pieces of all time were his- Ivan and Allisons "Why" and the "Lion King" piece from last year.

Asher said...

While I wholeheartedly agree with your first two spots: Mia and Wade, you seem to have forgotten about Alex DeSilva. He has always had some of the most fiery Latin routines.