Tuesday, June 17, 2008

SPOILER: Dance Styles and Choreographers for So You Think You Can Dance Top 18

Once again, as I always do I'm going to caution against believing internet spoilers 100%, but it is my duty as a journalist to report them.

Or something like that.

Anyways, here's the rumored dance styles and choreographers for tomorrow night's So You Think You Can Dance. As you'll see, some of the dancers were likely very happy with their selections -- others, not so much.

Read at your own discretion.



Thayne & Chelsea T. -- Jazz (Mandy Moore)

William & Jessica -- Hip Hop (Cicily & Olisa)

Mark & Chelsie -- Argentine Tango (Alex de Silva)

Matt & Kourtni -- Fox Trot (Jean Marc Generaux)

Gev & Courtney -- Contemporary (Mandy Moore)

Joshua & Katee -- Broadway (Tyce Diorio)

Marquis & Susie -- Salsa (Alex de Silva)

Twitch & Kherington -- Viennese Waltz (Jean Marc Generaux)

Chris & Comfort -- Crump (Lil C)

Looks like Comfort, Susie, Joshua, Chelsie and Courtney are gonna be psyched this week -- they each chose a style pretty in line with their own genre. This is also the week we'll get to see if Twitch has the versatility to make it in this competition -- he's forced to take on the ever-challenging Viennese Waltz. Kourtni and Matt have an uphill battle after last week's Bottom 3 showing -- they've got to tacklet the Fox Trot. My guess for the biggest disaster of the week? Mark in the Argentine Tango.

Guess we'll see!

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