Thursday, June 19, 2008

SYTYCD Top 18 Elimination Prediction: Jessica and Will Back in the Danger Zone

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Predicting who will be going home on So You Think You Can Dance requires a multi-tiered thought process. First you've got to guess which three couples will have received the least amount of votes for America. Then you have to imagine how the dancers from those three couples will fare individually. Finally, you've got to put yourself into the minds of Nigel, Mary (eek!) and the glorious Mia Michaels to figure out who's gonna get the boot.

Yeah, not so simple.

But here goes...

Bottom 3 Couples

Susie and Marquis
I didn't have high expectations for Marquis, since salsa is distinctly out of his comfort zone, but Susie's inability to believably deliver this dance's intricate choreography might spell her (and Marquis') ouster.

William and Jessica
After his killer solo last week I would have predicted that Will would have had no problem cruising into the Top 16, but ho-hum choreography and a partner who just couldn't deliver means he'll likely experience a return trip to dance-for-your-life land.

Kourtni and Matt
While Cheslea/Thayne dropped the ball and Comfort/Chris couldn't pull of krumping, I think Kourtni and Matt are the last couple in danger this evening. Though they are both technically gifted dancers, their fox trot never really took off.

Eliminated Boy: Marquis
Having seen William's solo last week, it's safe to say that even if he lands in the Bottom 3 zone, he'll be able to impress the judges enough to buy him another week. Matt, too, will strangely benefit from having a repeat appearance in the Bottom 3 -- the judges complain that he doesn't have enough personality, but having yet another chance to do his thing should win him some points.

Which leaves Marquis -- sweet, spastic Marquis. Unless he pulls out all the stops in his solo, I do believe he'll be the one leaving us tonight.

Eliminated Girl: Susie
The judges love Kourtni, although Mia leveled the same complaint at her last night that she used to level at Melody -- stop dancin' with your leg up in the air! Still, she's clearly got more potential than either Jessica or Susie, so don't expect her to be leaving anytime soon. Jessica, meanwhile, will surely be in danger after bringing down Will in their hip hop dance, but Nigel seems to be a fan, which may save her for another week. That leaves Susie, who's never impressed me -- will she impress Mary, Mia and Nigel enough to keep her around? I'm guessing no.

So there it is -- I think Susie and Marquis will be the first two dancers eliminated this season. (Sound familiar? I picked the same two last week!

Agree? Disagree? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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Choose your favorite SYTYCD dancer of all time -- play SYTYCD MADNESS: THE GAME!

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