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Ranking the SYTYCD Top 18 -- Courtney and Gev on Top

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Before I get to the Top 18 dancers on So You Think You Can Dance, attention must be paid to the judges -- because they demand it!

Mia -- love the hair. Love it.

Nigel -- sit down! Has anyone else noticed that krumping always seems to get Nigel out of his seat? What's that about?

Mary -- lay off the tanning salon girl, you're lookin a bit tangerine in color. And what was that outfit? I'm just saying.

Kat -- you looked gorgeous, as always. Love you.

Ok -- on to the dancers. For the second straight week, I was impressed with the base level of talent, but blown away by only a couple of performances. Here's how I'd rank the Top 9:

1. Courtney and Gev
This is officially my favorite performance of the season so far. Courtney was simply gorgeous -- I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. Except, of course, when I was looking at Gev, who totally captured me with his emotional investment. (And it must be said that he's getting more and more adorable each week). To me, he gave a performance on par with Ivan's Season 2 contemporary dance to "Why" with Allison. Mandy Moore is sometimes hit-and-miss for me, but this dance was an unqualified success.

2. Kherington and Twitch
This couple is a favorite of mine, and they danced Jean Mark Generaux's choreography quite beautifully. On top of that, they are gorgeous! Both of them! Still -- let's be honest -- it was not a Vienesse waltz. It was a contemporary dance! I mean, they weren't in hold for more than 15 seconds throughout the whole routine! They can't be held accountable for the choreography, however, so I still give the pair props for emotionally dazzling execution.

3. Katee and Joshua
While I can't say I was quite as excited by this performance as Nigel was, I will say that these two make quite a lovely couple. They are totally in tune with each other, and, to paraphrase Mary, their individual spirits really do bounce off of each other. I found the execution of the choreography a bit sloppy, but their innate charm (and Joshua's acrobatics) qualifies it as a winner.

4. Chelsie and Mark
What to comment on first? The fact that Cat Deeley got down on her knees to put Chelsie's pinkie toe back in her shoe, or Chelsie's mesmerizing legs? Those gams are AMAZE! Featuring incredibly intricate footwork, this dance was SO much better than I imagined it would be, and not just because of Chelsie -- Mark was sensational! Sexy, strong, passionate -- who knew he had that in him? Kudos all around.

5. Chelsea and Thayne
This dance looked like it was happening in slow-mo -- and that's not a good thing! I kept wishing Neil Haskell or Danny Tidwell was dancing Thayne's part, and I just didn't buy Chelsea as the sexpot this week. Hot tamale? Try wet lettuce.

6. Jessica and Will
After seeing inventive hip hop dances over the past few years like Lacey and Pasha's manequin dance, or sexy ones like Sabra and Dominic's, the viewers are expecting to be entertained. Thus, if you're going to perform straight-up hip hop, you better bring it. Will did -- Jessica did not. Not much else to say.

7. Kourtni and Matt
I agree with Mia on this one -- Kourtni has not "owned her size and space." For me, she just wasn't light enough on her feet to make this dance work. As for Matt -- he's cardboard. Technically gifted cardboard, sure, but cardboard nonetheless. All in all, this dance wasn't workin' for me.

8. Comfort and Chris
I'm not really sure what to say about this one -- they pulled it off, sure, but I can't say it was very fun to watch. Comfort was, as expected, the more authentic of the pair, and Chris pulled off the choreography with surprising aplomb. Still -- I just wasn't feelin' the krump.

9. Susie and Marquis
This was a trainwreck! Susie looked like Jennifer Grey in Dirty Dancing -- before she got good. And Marquis was all over the place -- up, down, left, right -- well, not exactly "right." Yes, the choreography was difficult, but that's no excuse for stumbling over the stage. Ick.

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