Wednesday, March 26, 2008

American Idol Elimination Prediction: Chekezie, Ramiele, Jason and Syesha in the Danger Zone

I've ranked the contestants (click here to read) -- now it's time to figure out who's going home!

Green Zone - Safe by a mile!
David Archuleta, David Cook, Michael Johns

For the first time this season, it's all boys in the Green Zone this week, with David Cook leading the way after his blistering take on "Billie Jean" (listen to Chris Cornell from Soundgarden's take on the song, which inspired Cook's rendition). Michael Johns is also a bit of a no-brainer to make it to the Top 9 after finally choosing a song that showed off his talents. And Archuleta? While the song (and his performance) were a treacly mess, this kid ain't going anywhere, anytime soon.

Yellow Zone - On Shaky Ground!
Brooke White, Carly Smithson, Kristy Lee Cook

It's possible that any of these ladies could slip into the Bottom 3, but I'm guessing all three will squeak by this week -- Carly, thanks to her Bottom 3 scare last week; Kristy, thanks to her genius song choice; and Brooke, because, well, people seem to really like her.

Red Zone - Danger, Danger, Danger!
Syesha Mercado, Ramiele Malubay, Chekezie, Jason Castro

That leaves Jason, Ramiele, Chekezie and Syesha as the four contestants most in danger of elimination. Syesha actually gave her strongest performance of the competition, but over-praise from the judges may end up doing her in. Jason, though boring and predictable as ever, still seems to have quite a fanbase, and it was, after all, his birthday, but will his present be a trip to the Bottom 3? Ramiele chose a great song, but it was the wrong song for her, and the fact that she performed first in the evening certainly did her no favors. And Chekezie, who's been all over the map this season, might find out that one shaky performance is all you need to be sent packin'.


Elimination Prediction

Bottom 3: Ramiele Malubay, Chekezie, Syesha Mercado

Eliminated: Chekezie

Thoughts? Agree? Disagree? Let me know!

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Anonymous said...

I agree with your bottom three. However, I think that Ramiele will be the one to go.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why everyone thinks that Kristy Lee is safe. I am a middle America, country fan, and I think the Lee Greenwood song is so obvious a ploy that I wouldn't vote just because of that. Plus, whenever a "bad" idol gets good reviews it always relaxes the fans and they don't vote as vigorously. I think Kristy Lee's time is up

Rose said...

David Cook-my favorite. (I will be buying both "Hello" & "Billie Jean.") I, as well, believe Ramiele should leave tonight. Chekezie will be in the bottom 3, with either Jason or Syesha. Your blog really hits the nail on the head! This is such an interesting season!

Anonymous said...

Chikezie always looks like he's about to barf when he's in the bottom two and the results are about to be announced. So far he's been safe, but tonight I do think they need to keep the mop and bucket nearby.

If it's not Chikezie, then Ramiele. Those two are more than likely the bottom two tonight.

Anonymous said...

I am a huge David Cook fan. I was totally blown away by David Cook's performance last night.That was a blazin hot performance by David Cook last night. David Cook is proving that he wants to win Idol based on his consistency with his performances every week. I did vote for David Cook too many times to count this week.