Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Ranking American Idol's Top 8 Girls: Brooke on Top, While Amanda Makes a Big Comeback

While the theme of the week was ostensibly 80's song, it could alternately be considered "the week when all of the girls wore high waisted pants." I mean!

Most of the girls stepped it up this week, making relatively strong song choices and delivering pretty strong performances. The judges, on the other hand, were totally non-sensical and annoying. But hey -- I guess you can't have it all.

Speaking of the judges -- despite typical ridiculous comments about dependable dogs and mutts (huh?), isn't Paula looking totally non stoned these days? She's a pop star again, bitches, she's gotta be on her A-game!

As always, here's my rankings of the evening's performances:

1. Brooke White
While I was definitely not Brooke's biggest fan from the get-go, I've got to admit, the girl's growing on me. Choosing to deliver an acoustic rendition of the great Pat Benatar song "Love is a Battlefield" (my own karaoke staple), it was endearingly low-key, totally charming and shockingly authentic. If she keeps this up she could really go far in this competition.
Grade: A

2. Carly Smithson
Simon hates this song, but I absolutely love it, and Carly's rendition only made me love it more. Girl can sing! In case you haven't figured it out yet, I'm a huge fan of this girl -- she's totally charming and, to my ears, she's yet to hit a bum note. And how hot is her mom?!?
Grade: A-

3. Amanda Overmyer
Finally! After two weeks of trainwrecks, Amanda finally got it together this week, workin' the straight hair and minimal make-up, and growling the Joan Jett song with a conviction severely lacking in her last couple of performances. This is the performance I've been hoping for since she first appeared in front of the judges! The only question is -- is it too little too late?
Grade: B+

4. Asia'h Epperson
While I rolled my eyes when it became clear that Asia'h had chosen a Whitney Houston song, I do have to say, if you're gonna choose a Whitney tune, "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" is the one to choose. And she sounded great! True, there was nothing particularly inventive about the performance, but it was well sung and charmingly performed. All in all -- not too shabby.
Grade: B

5. Syesha Mercado
I don't know what's going to work against Syesha more -- the fact that she made a totally predictable (and boring) song choice, or that, due to time constraints, the judges barely had a chance to say anything about her. While there's no doubt Syesha can sing, there's absolutely nothing original about her, and, as such, she probably can't hope for better than a 11th place finish.
Grade: B-

6. Kristy Lee Cook
With Alaina gone, Kristy's now the only country-esque singer left in the competition, which should definitely work in her favor. This performance was definitely the best she's given since "Amazing Grace" in her initial audition, but it still didn't even come close to blowing me away. Still, even a little bit of twang may enough to make it to the Top 12.
Grade: C+

7. Ramiele Malubay
When you choose a song sung on Idol by everyone from Katharine McPhee to Jessica Sierra and Scott Savol, you better bring something new and different to the stage. Ramiele didn't. And is is just me, or does she always perform as though she's reading her lyrics off of a karaoke screen? Not terrible, for sure, but nothin' special either.
Grade: C+

8. Kady Malloy
This may have appeared to be a strange song choice, but Katharine McPhee sang it and knocked it out of the park back in Season 5, so the song itself can't be blamed for the lack of excitement in Kady's performance. This girl's just a non-starter -- she's pretty and does a killer Britney impression, but other than that I've got absolutely no use for her. Good riddance, girl.
Grade: C-

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Lisa said...

I honestly can't figure out why people like Asia'h Epperson. Sure she's cute and bubbly, but she's not really a fantastic singer and I kinda think she's a bit full of herself. I thought she deserved to be ranked MUCH lower than you have her... like... 7th. But that's IMO. I do pretty much agree with the rest of your list though.

wen said...

In case it hasn't been made obvious in past episodes, English is Remiele's 2nd language. So of course she's going to sound like she's reading it off a karaoke screen at times. This is also why she didn't dare try a peppier 80's song for fear of not having time to think about the words she sings.

At anyrate, she's toast tomorrow since she didn't practice her English enough. If you look up any pics of her before Idol you'll notice she doesn't stray to far from others who speak her native tongue. You have her in the bottom 2 and so does Dial Idol.

Anonymous said...

Wen says "English is Remiele's 2nd language...she's toast tomorrow since she didn't practice her English enough. If you look up any pics of her before Idol you'll notice she doesn't stray to far from others who speak her native tongue". How presumptious and rude of you! Just because she has many Asian friends does not imply that her first language is English. I come from an ethnic family, 2nd generation. Our first language is English in our home because we are proud to be living in America but we honor and hold our traditional language dear. My friend, your bias remark about Ramielle has just been called out. Namaste.

four_thirteen said...

I think brooke was good, but not as good as carly. I think she should have been ranked 2nd. Carly was much better.