Monday, March 10, 2008

American Idol Top 12 Only Have 25 Lennon/McCartney Songs to Choose From

Grrrr, American Idol.

Vocal coach Debra Byrd has gone on record as saying the Top 12 only have 25 Lennon/McCartney songs to choose from this week. 25!

Isn't the point of American Idol to determine who the best singer/performer is, not just the person who can do the best with a very limited number of songs to choose from?


Are you as frustrated by this as I am? Sound off below.

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wen said...

This isn't the 1st time contestants have a small pool of songs to chose from. That's why I don't take the "bad song choice" comments seriously nowdays. Sometimes contestants are practically stuck with whatever the producers give them!

Anonymous said...

If there were a good choice for all 12 contestants to pick out of the 25 songs that would suit their style, plus without duplicating any choices, then fine. But the chances of that happening are rather minuscule.

Bad decision on someone's part.

James said...

The producers should at least reveal that fact at the opening of the show. Viewers are always scratching their heads over why someone would pick a certain song when they had SO MANY to choose from.

First word was the Lennon/McCartney catalog contained 180 songs -- now just 25!