Thursday, March 13, 2008

Chekezie, Cook and Smithson Top List of Idol Thoughts Reader Faves for Top 12 Performances

After huggin' the bottom last week, Chekezie stormed to the top of the pac in this week Idol Thoughts Readers Favorites Poll for the Top 12 Performances. He was followed very closely by David Cook and Carly Smithson.

Bringing up the rear was this week's 3rd lowest vote-getter Syesha Mercado, with this week's eliminated contestant, David Hernandez, coming in second-to-last in this pool.

Interestingly, David Archuleta and Ramiele Malubay managed to snag the #5 and 6 position, respectively, despite weak performances.

Here are the full results from the poll:

1. Chekezie, 19%
2. David Cook, 19%
3. Carly Smithson, 18%
4. Brooke White, 15%
5. David Archuleta, 7%
6. Ramiele Malubay, 7%
7. Jason Castro, 4%
8. Kristy Lee Cook, 3%
9. Amanda Overmyer, 3%
10. Michael Johns, 2%
11. David Hernandez, 1%
12. Syesha Mercado 1%

1 comment:

Chris said...

I can't figure out how Kristy Lee and Ramiele weren't in the bottom three this week. They must being appealing to someone.