Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Top 12 Elimination Prediction: Ramiele, David and Syesha in the Danger Zone

I've ranked the contestants (click here to read) -- now it's time to figure out who's going home!

Green Zone - Safe by a mile!
David Archuleta, Carly Smithson, Chekezie, David Cook, Brooke White

Despite a mess of a performance, Archuleta's still a no-brainer -- this kid won't be leaving the Green Zone for some time (if ever!) David Cook and Carly Smithson once again gave stand-out performances this week, and Brooke White has settled comfortably into her folkie groove (not to mention being likably moved by the proceedings last night), so they, too, should have no problem this week.

The biggest surprise in this group, of course, is Chekezie, who catapulted himself from the throes of elimination to the top of the heap last night. If he keeps it up he may just be a real contender in this competition.

Yellow Zone - On Shaky Ground!
Michael Johns, Amanda Overmyer, Jason Castro

Michael Johns has definitely lost his frontrunner status, but he's likely got enough leftover goodwill, and gave an adequate enough performance, that he still probably has nothing to worry about. Amanda, meanwhile, is continuing to do what she does best (rock out!), and she's still so unique in this competition that she should also make it through the week without a hitch. And while Jason Castro's folkie shtick is getting a little tired, leftover love for his performance of "Hallelujah" last week means he's not going anywhere.

Red Zone - Danger, Danger, Danger!
Syesha Mercado, Ramiele Malubay, Kristy Lee Cook, David Hernandez

With 12 contestants performing, the very worst thing you could do is be "just okay." In fact, it's better to be a total trainwreck (Kristy Lee Cook) than middle-of-the-road, which means Kristy Lee will probably live to see another week.

Ramiele Malubay gave her fourth consecutive ho-hum performance -- will it be her last? And how about David Hernandez, whose cheesy "I Saw Her Standing There" did him absolutely no favors?

Both are definitely in danger of going home, but I'm guessing it's Syesha Mercado who will get the boot. She was saddled with the dreaded first performance slot, and without making much of an impression (and getting mixed-t0-good reviews from the judges), she's in serious jeopardy of having been forgotten by the time Archuleta was mumbling his lyrics. Had she been torn apart like Cook or Hernandez her fans (do they exist?) may have been mobilized, but as is, I think she's going to have slipped through the cracks.


Elimination Prediction
Bottom 3: Ramiele Malubay, David Hernandez, Syesha Mercado

Eliminated: Syesha Mercado

Thoughts? Agree? Disagree? Let me know!

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Anonymous said...

I think either Syesha or.... Ramielle.... not sure.... but so maybe people say that Kristy Lee Cook .. but she will be around...

Drew said...

I agree generally with your thoughts. Chekezie has got to be one of the greatest turnarounds ever on the show. I hope that it was not a one time event. He was really fun to watch. Also, I hope that this was enough of a wake up call for David Archuleta. He was, in my opinion, the worst of the night. While Kristy was awful, at least she remembered what she was trying to sing. David’s performance reminded me of really bad karaoke – where you are two beats behind because you are trying to remember the song that you know, but it just eludes you. I was so disappointed in him. Hopefully he can capture some of that humility he tries to express on stage and get his head back in this thing and practice for next week – he will certainly be there.

As for the bottom three to four, I think you nailed it pretty well. Kristy, could stay out of the bottom three on the basis of the over the top bad comments. Ramiele has been a tremendous let down, and I think that she is not long for this competition. But something tells me that this is not her week to go. That leaves me with David H. and Syesha. I did not like either performance at all. I found David’s use of the band and the back-up singers grating. Syesha was so uninteresting in her approach. Also, I find her personality really off putting. She comes across as very smug and like she has this whole thing wrapped up. And, for her, I think it is.

wen said...

I still think the fact that English is Ramiele's 2nd language is holding her back. She's probably trying to keep her accent to a minimum while singing.

Anonymous said...

Even before last night's performances I thought David Hernandez and Syesha Mercado, or possibly Ramiele Malubay would be in the bottom two. Mainly because Hernandez and Mercado don't have much going for them and Malubay because she's on the decline.

I'm picking Syesha to go. The worst thing that could have happened to her was Chekezie's great performance. I can never remember a thing about her performances either.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely loved David Cook's performance this week. Once again, David Cook blew me away with another outstanding performance. David Cook could win American Idol based on his performance.My predictions for the bottom three are Syesha Mercado, David Hernandez and Kristy Lee Cook. Elimianted: Kristy Lee Cook

Insane Idol Fan said...

Well, I really love your reviews(: I totally agree with the safe ones, especially Brooke White, she's my favorite. But I actually think Michael HJohns will go home. He doesn't seem to have as large of a fan base as Kristy Lee Cook, Ramiele (not a fan of hers), or Syesha. I think David Hernandez is going to stick around for one more week.

You can check out my blog if you want to, I'm new, though.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Hi folks, I saw Idol last night and I'm still shocked that Archuleta pulled a Belichik and CHOKED.

Anyways, I think Ramiele will likely last to either the Top 6 or even Top 4 (The Asian-American vote plus Jasmine Trias' votes are going to be huge), also the State of Florida will be voting in droves for her to stay in the competition.

Remember, Florida has a history of rigging results (ala Gore v. Bush).

Onto my prediction on who will be in the Bottom 3:

1. Syesha: going up first is the kiss of death

2. David Hernandez

3. Kristy Lee Cook-GOING HOME TONIGHT.

Chikezie surprised me, he could sneak into Top 5 and could be a darkhorse.

Anonymous said...

My prediction on who will go home: KRISTY LEE COOK, who had no business in the Top 12 in the first place.

Final 2: David Archuleta of Utah and Ramiele Malubay of Florida.

Odds say the West will likely keep the Idol crown for the 2nd year in a row (I think the South's days of dominating Idol are over for good).