Tuesday, April 01, 2008

SPOILER: American Idol Top 9 Song Choices for Dolly Parton Week

As always, take American Idol song spoilers with a grain of salt, but according to EW.com, this is what the Top 9 will be performing tonight:

David Cook: "You Know I Love You"
Kristy Lee Cook: "Two Doors Down"
Michael Johns: "Islands in the Stream"
Carly Smithson: "Jolene"
David Archuleta: "Travelin Thru"
Ramiele Malubay: "9 to 5 "
Brooke White: "Coat of Many Colors"
Syesha Mercado: "Eagle When She Flies"
Jason Castro: "I Will Always Love You"

Should be a fun night!


Anonymous said...

I shiver at the thought of Ramiele doing 9 to 5, but if she can survive last week's #1 position with that terrible performance, she is probably safe for a while.

I think Carly has a really good shot at impressing with Jolene.

I am also really interested to see how David C. does this week.

Lisa said...

Good Lord. I am SO over Ramiele. She's a sweet girl with a "nice" voice, but she is essentially a karaoke singer and not a performer or recording artist.

And I have a feeling that "9 to 5" will be a disaster. She does marginally better on slow songs, where on upbeat songs she just comes off corny and struggling.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Not sure I've ever seen this big a whiff before. It may actually be 0-for-9!

Does EW always put out spoilers?

Anonymous said...

Yep, someone at EW got some bad information.

Maybe Ramiele would have been better off doing "9 to 5", but re-wording it and calling it "0 for 5", to go along with her record the past five weeks.