Wednesday, April 23, 2008

American Idol Elimination Prediction: The Girls Are in Trouble!

Well, that was sure....interesting.

The Top 6 sang their hearts out to the music of Andrew Lloyd Weber, now it's time to figure out...who's going home?!?

Green Zone - Safe by a mile!
David Archuleta, David Cook

Even though I personally found David Cook's performance borderline tedious (and this is coming from the guy who can't stop listening to Cook's "Little Sparrow," "Be My Baby," and "Billie Jean" on repeat), I have no doubt Season 7's rocker will be safe this week. Ditto David Archuleta -- though he wasn't in any danger anyways, his reconfiguring of Phantom's "Think of Me" was, especially for little Archie, pretty damn inspired.

Yellow Zone - On Shaky Ground!
Jason Castro

Even though 60% of his rendition of "Memory" was pretty painful, I thought he salvaged it in the last moments of the song. Regardless, the fact that the judges gave him such a drubbing means his fans will come out in full force, and should buy him at least another week in the competition.

Red Zone - Danger, Danger, Danger!
Syesha Mercado, Carly Smithson, Brooke White

Yes, I think it's the ladies who are going to be in trouble this week, despite the fact that Carly and Syesha gave two of the best performances. Carly wailed her heart out on "Jesus Christ Superstar," sounded great, and actually looked like she was having fun -- but will it be enough? And why won't they give her the last performance slot, for goodness sake? Though David Cook is clearly my favorite, Carly has so become the underdog I'm pulling for (think Kimberley Locke or Elliott Yamin).

Syesha was actually more likable than ever last night, and choosing a sassy song that allowed her to show off some personality was pretty brilliant. Is it too little, too late? And will the fact that she led off the show in the dreaded first performance slot do her in?

And then there's Brooke. Oh, Brooke. In seven years of watching this show, I have never seen someone stop their song and start over. Never. I mean, if Camille Velasco can get up there and be professional, Brooke has no excuse. Having said that, her performance wasn't god-awful, and she's bound to pick up some sympathy votes for just being fragile. Will they carry her through another week?


Elimination Prediction

Bottom 3: Brooke White, Syesha Mercado, Carly Smithson

At this point in the competition, giving your best performance can actually be to your detriment (see Kristy Lee Cook last week), so I've gotta go with...

Eliminated: Syesha

Thoughts? Agree? Disagree? Let me know!

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Jen :) said...

I think Brooke is going... I love her but .... the public only are going to forgive her so much... Syesha has redeemed herself... maybe not forever but i bet at least just this week.....

And Jason... oh my gosh! I cannot stand the man... he makes me want to turn off the whole show!

Anonymous said...

Where is the place we can vote to say who we think sung the best and who was the worst?! Usually you have that!

Anonymous said...

Carly is going home... going to be an upset. Everyone thinks she did so great.. but i bet people are tired of that damn tattoo and her wearing NO SLEEVES every week!

Drew said...

Glad you are back. I missed your “thoughts” last week.

I would have put Jason in the red zone as well. I think that there was just enough wrong that he is in real danger.

I felt bad for Brooke. We all know that she is an emotional train wreck at this point. She is simply too much in her own head to survive this competition, and it is sad. Part of me wants to just put her out of her misery and send her home (where I think she will be happier). To the extent that she wanted exposure for her potential career, she has had it. I don’t think that it was ever realistic to think that she would actually win. However, I think that there will be a lot of sympathy votes that will keep her around a bit longer.

I also agree that Carly gave a strong performance, but I am not sure that it will be enough.

I must say that Syesha (who I find completely annoying) sang her song really well. I think I finally understand what her musical style might be. Last night, for the first time, I felt that she fit with what she was doing. However, I agree with you that the combination of the dreaded first spot, the very competent performance (and potential relaxing by her voters), and her lack of a solid base (too many bottom threes and little likelihood of picking up voters from recently eliminated contestants – in particular in weeks in which she was far worse) will mean the end of the road for her.

So, I am going to say that the bottom three are Brooke, Jason, and Syesha, and Syesha will be eliminated.

wen said...

It's been my feeling this year that all the girls this year are just cannon fodder.

If Jason doesn't get the boot we're looking at an all guys top 3.

Kevin said...

i really don't want Brooke to go. She is amazing in my opinion and besides the horrible horrible restart, her vocals were way way way better than that of Jason Castro. I think he should leave

Anonymous said...

Jason is great. Hope he makes the top three. If he goes tonight, I probably won't watch the show anymore.

Anonymous said...

"i bet people are tired of that damn tattoo and her wearing NO SLEEVES every week!"

Well, actually, she's worn dresses with long sleeves for both this week and last week.

I think either Jason or Brooke will least I hope one of them will go. ;)