Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dancing with the Stars RESULTS: Derek Hough and Shannon Elizabeth Eliminated

I didn't like her from the start. There, I said it.

Shannon Elizabeth and Derek Hough were eliminated tonight from a "dramatic" episode of Dancing with the Stars that saw Christian de la Fuente saved by a medical miracle (or something like that), as well as the viewer votes. While I'll miss cutie Derek, Shannon never grew on me, and I'm much happier that Marissa Jaret Winoker has another week to dance (who would have thought she would make it to the Top 5?)

As for the rest of the "dramatic" results show -- blah blah, filler, blah.

Peace out Shannon.


Anonymous said...

How stupid does Cristian think the public is? Ruptured Tendon and you put off surgery to rehearse to dance? His left arm would be in so much pain that the meds/narcotics alone would put you in a stupor, plus your arm would feel like it weighed a 100 lbs. Funny that the the doctors didn't put his arm in a sling in order to restrict movement? Is this phony or what??

Anonymous said...

I agree...I don't think Cristian was injured at all. He simply made up an injury because he forgot his steps, IMO. Shannon & Derek should still be there.

wen said...

I don't care as long as Kristi is still there. When she goes, so do i.

What's with the lack of love for Shannon though?