Thursday, April 10, 2008

Video of So You Think You Can Dance Dancers on Idol Gives Back

Here is video of the kids from So You Think You Can Dance performing on last night's Idol Gives Back. They killed it!

From what I can tell (they're moving so fast!), the dancers are Season 1's Nick, Melodie, Jamile and Ashlee; Season 2's Benji, Travis, Dmitry, Donyelle; and Season 3's Lacey, Danny, Pasha, Cedric, Dominic, Hok and Lauren.

Burning question: where was Season 2's Heidi and Season 3's champ Sabra?? Discuss!

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wen said...

idk about Heidi, but someone who looks like Sabra was in some Cirques sole(sp?) troop when they did the Dancing with the Stars results show a few weeks ago.