Monday, April 07, 2008

American Idol's Top 8: The Order They Will Fall

Ok, I'm in a bold mood today, so I'm gonna run with that and make some bold predictions for how American Idol's Top 8 will fall. It's a foolhardy enterprise, since longtime Idol watchers know anything can happen at any moment on this show, but I'm gonna go for it anyways.

Yep, I'm feeling that bold. Here goes...

8th Place: Syesha Mercado
Despite the fact she's a "pretty girl with a good voice," as Dolly Parton said, Syesha has yet to really connect with the audience, evidenced by her multiple appearances in the Bottom 3. The problem lies with her poor song choices and annoying interview clips, and unless she really turns the heat up this week, I'm anticipating an 8th place finish.

7th Place: Kristy Lee Cook
There's only been one week where she hasn't been sent to the Bottom 3 stools, and yet bland Kristy Lee is still alive in the competition. What gives? Apparently a pretty face and a country twang (not to mention a well-time patriotic ditty) go a long way. However, don't expect it to go any further than 7th place.

6th Place: Jason Castro
The dreads have done well by Castro so far, but with Mariah Carey and Andrew Lloyd Weber theme weeks on the horizon, this guy's lack of versatility is definitely going to be tested. There's only so far pretty eyes and a goofy/adorable smile can take you.

5th Place: Brooke White
Brooke's sunny, folksy appeal may be fading, if her Bottom 3 appearance this past week is any indication. She's still got at least a few more weeks of life in her, but her Carly Simon-esque shtick may be getting a bit tired. Still, expect her to be the 2nd highest female finisher.

4th Place: Michael Johns
He's finally turned on the star power these past couple of weeks, but I'm guessing 4th place is the highest the Aussie will go. Like Melinda Doolittle before him, despite definite chops he's almost too mature (and unoriginal) to really thrive in the competition.

3rd Place: Carly Smithson
If Carly could relax and start really connecting with the songs she sings, she would be a serious contender for the title. I mean, her voice is amazing! As is, though, the Irish lass is going to have to settle for, at best, a 3rd place showing.

2nd Place: David Cook
Clearly the most musically inventive contestant of the season, and perhaps the one who possesses the best vocal instrument, David might just be too edgy to take home the title. It shouldn't matter, though -- he's done enough to impress that even a runner-up finish should translate into pop stardom.

1st Place: David Archuleta
Though his frontrunner status has taken some hits in the past several weeks, and David Cook has stolen a lot of his thunder, the teen vote should still catapult little Archie to the winner's circle. I'm slightly less confident that he's going to be a mega-star than I was during the Semifinal rounds, but there's no denying this kid's phenomenal vocal skills and adorable face.

What are your thoughts on this list? Spot on? Way off? Sound off and let me know!


Drew said...

I can't really argue with any of your placements. I think you could flip Syesha and Kristy and the list would be equally close. Overall, I think it will come down to David A. vs. David C., a battle I would expect David A. to win. But, as you say, anything (almost) can happen.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your rankings 100% KLC and Syesha could flip flop but it's no real issue. The one thing you have to take into consideration though is fan/voter bases. I think David Cook could be helped much more so than David A. Cook could/should pick up more votes from Carly and Mj's fans. As a result, with his own voter base, it could push him over the top. Just how large Little D's voting base is remains to be seen though.

Lisa said...

I have a feeling that Archuleta might be the "shocker" elimination this year. The teen vote only goes so far and the shine is off the rose for this kid with the non-teen voters. Personally, I think he's cute and has a great voice, but I find him utterly boring and can't imagine him selling records.

Or maybe this is just wishful thinking because I'm bored to tears when he's singing. I'd rather see someone who is actually viable as a real star win the show, and for me, that's David Cook. (And I kinda think the Idol machine would like to see their winner have record sales ala Kelly, Carrie or Daughtry.)

Anonymous said...

I think David Cook should win but probably won't. David A. is too "Mickey Mouse Club" for me - I could imagine him being on that show if it was still going. He's not an idol...

My picks are David Cook, Michael John, and Carly Smithson. It doesn't really matter which order the others leave....


James said...

Pretty much spot-on. I also think David A. will win, although I'm not sure what type of music he'll record and whether or not starting off as a "teen idol" will be a help or hindrence in the long run. Will he still have the same appeal at 25 or 30 years old?

wen said...

Get 2 or so predictions right and now you're going to call the whole thing? Either that's pretty gutsy or this show is getting really predicable.

David Cook could still take the whole thing if David A. keeps picking "Imagine" type songs every chance he gets and starts boring the audience.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your assesment that this is a bold thing to do this year. Your predictions could be right on, but this is one year that Iwouldn't want to make any predictions. To be honest, I think from this point on, anyone who has a bad night is in danger of going home. They have to be better than the competition or they are going home. The other death trap will be going first.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see a David Cook and Carly showdown

Anonymous said...

no way archie is going to beat david cook....david cook is a more sellable artist....if david cook doesn't win...he will be like chris daughtry and waaaay outshine the winner.

Anonymous said...

If I have to hear Brooke or Jason sing one more time I am going to scream! They are just awful. I really have no idea how they have lasted in this competition so long. I agree that David A. is boring. He does not have that star quality about him and only can sing one type of song. David C. is fantastic, but if Michael or Carly won it wouldn't be a bad thing.

Juliet said...

I dunno. I think Jason Castro's falsetto will get him through Mariah Carey and Andrew Lloyd Webber just fine. I think Brooke's the one whose going to have a harder time with those.

Anonymous said...

carly is clearly the most talented but i dont think she has chosen good songs (esp this week). david cook is not inventive. he ripped off the songs that got him all the attention, though i agree he is good singer. i hope he falls soon. jason, i dont get it at all.zzzz.i think kristy may surprise, as i truly believe AI manipulates results. they didnt want her to be a front runner - it can be a curse. brooke is ok. michael is gone. syesha is nowhere near the likes of melinda or lakisha. not by a mile i say david a. he is good, cute, wholesome. this is my least favorite group of finalists.