Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Keesha Wins the Vote for America's Favorite Big Brother 10 Juror

America's favorite Big Brother 10 juror is...


Huh? What? Who?

Renny -- I was expecting.
April, Libra, Michelle and Ollie -- not a chance in hell.
Jerry -- maybe, after last week's show, which was, admittedly, kinda heartbreaking.

But Keesha? Is it 'cause people are having Janelle nostalgia? (Trust me, I understand it -- I was obsessed with Janelle).

Truth is -- I kinda loved Keesha. Of course, like all good Big Brother houseguests, sometimes I loved to hate her and it weirded me out a bit that she reminded me so much of Daniele Donato, but ultimately I kinda loved her. I just loved Dan more.

So, good for Keesha and her $25K. But Renny -- you and I know you wuz robbed!

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