Monday, September 15, 2008

BIG BROTHER Jury: Will Libra Be the Deciding Vote?

It's all come down to this -- Memphis and Dan will battle it out in front of the jury tomorrow night in an effort to win the $500K grand prize on Big Brother 10.

Here's how I see the votes panning out:

Jerry -- Memphis
Keesha -- Dan
Renny -- Dan
Ollie -- Memphis
Michelle -- Dan
April -- Memphis

A couple of these are no-brainers -- Jerry will definitely go Memphis' way, as will April and Ollie, who have not gotten over their "betrayal" by Dan, while Keesha and Rennie are more than likely to choose Dan as the game's best player. I'm also guessing Michelle will have been won over by Dan's taking her on the trip to the private island, and the buttering up he is sure to do on tomorrow's finale.

Which leaves Libra. Oh Libra. While she lost her cool several times throughout the game, I'm guessing her final decision will actually be a rational one, and she'll choose the player who made more strategic moves over the one who glided under the radar.

Which means -- Libra will vote for Dan, and Dan will win Big Brother 10.

Agree? Disagree? Take the poll HERE and vote on who you think will be named the winner of Big Brother.

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you!!
Did you see the finale?! I can't believe all the votes were for Dan! That's awesome, because he did a damn good job! I'm also glad that Keesha won the juror prize. She was awesome, too. I would have aligned with both of them in the house, along with Renny.