Sunday, September 28, 2008

THE FANTASTICK's Nick Spangler and Sister Win First Place on Round 1 of THE AMAZING RACE

His day (or night) job is singing and dancing in The Fantasticks Off-Broadway, but Nick Spangler is moonlighting this season with his sister Starr on The Amazing Race. Tonight he showed he can do more than belt out a showtune -- he and sister came in first place!

The two started quickly out of the gate (the startpoint this season was Los Angeles), but missed a key turn on the way to the airport that looked like it was going to find them in trouble. Thanks to the ineptitude of some of their fellow racers they were able to cruise onto the first flight to Santiago, Brazil, and didn't look back from there.

Along the way they've tried to befriend scary former NFL'er and Footballer's Wife wannabe Ken and Trina. He cheated on her and is "trying every day to win her back." Gag me. How long until Nick and Starr regret this "two-round alliance"?

Unfortunately the first eliminated couple on this season's show were adorable hippie beekeepers Anita and Arthur. Let's face it -- they didn't stand a chance.

As for the other competitors, none were immediately memorable -- lots of "dating" couples, and pretty girls who are southern or just-divorced -- you know, the usual. Attention must be paid, however, to Mark and Bill, the "comic book geeks," and the Seth Rogen/Jonah Hill look-a-like frat boys, who one of the contestants called Superbad. Genius.

Episode one -- I'm hooked. Can't wait 'til next week.

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