Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dan Gives a Masterful, Jury Performance, Wins Big Brother 10

The winner of Big Brother 10 is...


In what can best be described as "masterful," Dan said exactly the right things to win the jury over. The truly remarkable thing, however, is that he was pretty much telling the truth -- his lies weren't lies of vicious deception, they were lies of the game. The first evicted houseguest Brian said it best -- he never made the game personal. He wanted to win, and he did what he needed to. And he did it well. In fact, he did it brilliantly.

That he won 7-0 is kind of surprising, though -- even up until the end I thought April was going Memphis' way. Thing is, though, even though Dan was a formidable foe, Memphis really had nothing to say. He got as far as he did by staying out of the way and not making himself stand out as a physical threat. It's a skill, to be sure, but not one that can go up against the skiiiiiiiiillz that Dan displayed.

Kudos Dan, on a game well played.

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