Tuesday, August 05, 2008

SYTYCD Top 4 Spoilers: Choreographers, Pairings and Styles Revealed!


You know the deal...don't read if you don't want to know!


Here is a list of dances we will see on tomorrow night's finale of So You Think You Can Dance. Will the Top 4 live up to the hype? Leave your thoughts below.

Katee and Courtney, Broadway (Tyce Diorio)
Twitch and Joshua, Trepak (Yuri)*
Twitch and Katee, Foxtrot (Tony and Melanie)
Twitch and Courtney, Hip Hop Napoleon and Tabitha)
Joshua and Katee, Jazz (Wade Robson)
Joshua and Courtney, Jive (Jason Gilkinson)
Top 4 Group Routine, Contemporary (Mia Michaels)

*I am unfamiliar with "trepak" -- I believe it is a Russian style of dance (wikipdia says "A Russian dance in quick duple meter of Cossack origin"). If someone else knows more about it, please sound off in the comment section below.

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吵吵的秀芬 said...

OMG!Wade Robson and Joshua and Katee!l LOVE IT!!!

Drew said...

I am just amazed that they did not take the opportunity to have Twitch and Joshua do a hip hop routine together.

Anonymous said...

I had to look up what "Trepak" was and interestingly enough, it is a Russian Dance seen commomly in the Nutcracker. As a matter of fact, the music that is used for it will probably be seen tonight by Twitch and Joshua. Check out some videos on Youtube under "Trepak". Pretty entertaining!

I am very happy with the final four. Courtney has Kherrington to thank for her spot in the final four. I expected Kherrington to be there, but after she was split from Twitch and asked to do a Country 2-step, she just lost her spark and America knew it. Courtney was infused with life after the Top 10 switch up and she hasn't looked back.

Twitch is well-deserved to be where he is. He can thank America for voting out Will to pave the way for him to be there. He is the most lyrical of the four, understanding his music and interpreting it PERFECTLY everytime.

Katie is the comeback kid! The best girl here. She reminds me of Sabra so much. She has Joshua to thank for lifting her up to a level she knew she had all along.

Joshua should win because he is what the show is all about. A versatile dancer with incredible technique, style, charisma, and humility. A perfect way for the season to end with him taking home the prize of America's Best Dancer 2008!