Thursday, August 07, 2008

Ranking the SYTYCD Top 4: Couples, Solos and Individual Rankings


For me there were only two stand-out numbers last night -- Josh and Twitch's remarkably athletic Russian routine, and Josh and Katee's emotionally stripped down performance. The rest, though not trainwrecks, were totally uninspiring.

1. Josh and Twitch, Russian
2. Josh and Katee, Jazz
3. Twitch and Katee, Fox Trot
4. Courtney and Twitch, Hip-Hop
5. Josh and Courtney, Jive
6. Katee and Courtney, Broadway


Josh leapt to the front of the pack this week, with last week's #1 solo performer Courtney slipping to #3, and Katee rebounding to #2. As for Twitch -- I'm over his gimmicks.

1. Josh
2. Katee
3. Courtney
4. Twitch


While Katee has had nary a misstep throughout the season, Josh, to me, was the most impressive performer last night. Those high jumps during the Russian routine were amazing! Does that mean he's going to walk away with the title? I'll have my prediction in a few hours, so keep checking back!

1. Josh
2. Katee
3. Twitch
4. Courtney

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Lauren said...

I was definately underwhelmed by last nights finale. More than that, though, I was really annoyed by the judges. There was almost no criticism given at all, and I really felt like some of those numbers deserved a little criticism. Also, I was beyond annoyed that they were clearly pimping the guys last night, they got way more screen time than both of the girls, and the judges were playing to their personality points big time...james bond, josh in Katee and twitch's rehearsal, the super long intro to josh and twitch's (very athletic, little dancing) was all too much for me. Then at the end that speech nigel gave about the two "untrained dancers" in the competition...NEITHER OF THEM ARE UNTRAINED! it was just beyond rediculous to me. It was like, "Katee and Courtney, you guys are great...Josh and Twitch are inspirations to all of humanity because they're totally untrained and have done amazingly tonight and in the entire competition. and did we mention they're untrained?? oh, by the way, Katee and Courtney, you both need to keep taking class." WHAT?!?! Sigh. That said, given the entirety of the competition, I think Katee deserves to win, and I'm pulling for her.