Thursday, August 07, 2008

POLL: Who Is Going To Win So You Think You Can Dance?

Throughout the season, the polls on this website have come pretty close to predicting who will go home each week on SYTYCD. Sure, some weeks it's way off (the week Will Wingfield was eliminated), but for others it is spot-on.

Thus -- let's try and measure who's going to win this thing.

Of course, the dancing has happened yet. But let's be honest -- at this point, people pretty much have their favorites. Though, the argument could be made that Lacey had a much stronger shot coming into the finale last season than she did leaving it, based on her performances. Could one of the favorites fall into that trap this year?

This poll will be open through Thursday night's So You Think You Can Dance finale, when Katee Shean, Joshua Allen, Courtney Galiano and Stephen 'Twitch' Boss go head to head to head to head for the title. It'll be interesting to see how these poll numbers will change after the Final Four perform on Wednesday evening (CHECK OUT THE SPOILERS HERE). You DO have the option of coming back and changing your vote -- in fact, if you truly do change your vote, please DO come back and let us know!

My vote (as of Monday at midnight) is going to Josh, but I'll probably have changed my mind by the morning. Look for another article from me tomorrow detailing who I'm putting my money on and why.

Vote away!

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Lisa said...

I think it will be Joshua. But I'm really really really really really really hoping it will be Courtney. She's my favorite of the 4 left and has been one of my 4 favorites since the very beginning. (My other 3 (Gev, Mark, Chelsie) are no longer in the running!)

Anonymous said...

I hate how people keep bashing on Katee because of her dance choices.

First of all, it's not even her own choice.

Second of all, if you think that she's not very versatile, have you forgotten the fact that she did many other stuff. Like Hip hop, viennese waltz, Samba, Bollywood, and West coast swing. All of these dances that she has done were done beautifully. So if you have anything else to say, no one complained when Chelsie kept getting ballroom. So leave her alone about her versatility

coco1252 said...

No doubt the top 4 dancers are all technically very good! But only one dancer/artist stands out all through out the season that made the show worth watching... in addition, has complimented and brought the best in her partner.. KATEE. Thus she, in my own humble opinion, is the most deserving to win the title!