Saturday, August 02, 2008

Ranking the SYTYCD Final Four's Top Three Dances of the Season

In anticipation of next week's So You Think You Can Dance finale, I thought I'd select my favorite three dances from the season for each of the Top Four. It was an interesting excercise -- there were tons of Joshua and Katee stand-out performances to choose from, but Courtney, who has had nary a misstep throughout the season, seemed to have less super-memorable routines from which to select. Twitch's highlights, on the other hand, were fairly easy to identify. Does this say something about how the results will go next week? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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1. Hip-Hop (Napoleon & Tabitha) with Joshua
2. Contemporary (Mia Michaels) with Joshua
3. Pas de Deux with Will
Honorable Mention: Contemporary (Tyce Diorio) with Joshua, Contemporary (Mia Michaels) with Twitch, Paso Doble with Joshua, Bollywood with Joshua, Broadway with Joshua, Samba with Joshua

1. Hip-Hop (N&T) with Katee
2. Contemporary (Mia Michaels) with Katee
3. Argentine Tango with Cheslie
Honorable Mention: Contemporary (Tyce Diorio) with Katee, Paso Doble with Katee, Rumba with Courtney, Disco with Chelsie, Bollywood with Katee, Broadway with Katee, Samba with Katee

1. Jazz (Sonia) with Mark
2. Cha cha with Gev
3. Jazz (Mandy Moore) with Gev
Honorable Mention: Viennese Waltz with Mark, Rumba with Joshua, Rumba with Gev

1. Hip-Hop (Dave Scott) with Comfort
2. Contemporary (Mia Michaels) with Kherington
3. Viennese Waltz with Kherington
Honorable Mention: Hip-hop (N&T) with Chelsie, Contemporary (Mia Michaels) with Katee, Broadway with Kherington

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CamB_MMC said...

i totally agree with all of those. i thought katee's mia dance with joshua and court's jazz with mark were the two best.