Tuesday, August 25, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance Season Six Top 20 Spoilers - Who Made the Cut?

We just finished So You Think You Can Dance Season Five, and already its time to focus on Season Six. I know there's a risk of too much of a good thing, but I, for one, am thrilled we get two seasons of my favorite reality show back-to-back. Bring on the dance!

Sytycdism.com is reporting some spoilers of which dancers made it to Las Vegas, and as of today, they're saying the Top 20 has not been officially selected. For now, then, take a look at the list of folks who made the cut, and who got cut. You know the deal -- if you want to be surprised when Season 6 debuts on September 9th, don't look!


**All news courtesy of sytycdism.com. Take with a grain of salt.

Before we get to the full list, here's one big one for ya -- Evan Kasprzak's brother Ryan, who got tons of screen time in the audience during SYTYCD Season Five, got the boot. Guess they are not the new Benji and Lacey Schwimmer after all!

- Romulo Villaverde - Janette's audition partner for S4, S5
- Arielle Coker - auditioned for season 5 last year with Philip Chbeeb (S5)
- Megan Kinney - Caitlin Kinney's (S5) sister

- Jakob Karr (contemporary) - Married to Jeanine Mason on Facebook, "The Male Jaimie Goodwin", NYCDA National Outstanding Male Senior 2008
- Nathan Trasoras (contemporary/hip hop) - The 17 Now 18 Year Old Eye Candy
- Billy Bell (contemporary) - Jeanine Mason's Prom Date, West Coast Dance Explosion National Senior Elite 2008, Juilliard student
- David Hovhannisyan (ballet) - Principal with the Milwaukee Ballet
- Brandon Dumlao (hip hop) - Funkanometry SF company member
- Trump Card (contemporary) - BeyonD Dance Convention faculty member
- Victor Smalley (contemporary) - Another dancer from Miami
- BBoy Legacy (breakdancing/hip hop) - Perhaps the best bboy to be on SYTYCD
- Peter Sabasino (tap) - Tap dancer who auditioned S4
- Phillip Atmore (tap) - Really talented tapper
- Jeroboam Bozeman (contemporary/ballet?) - Tall, has a cool name

- Paula VanOppen (contemporary) - Trained at Dance Precisions with Kherington, Nathan
- Jacki Ford (contemporary/jazz) - Joey Dowling's sister
- Mollee Gray (contemporary) - HSM dancer, trained at The Dance Club (Randi, Allison)
- Bianca Revels (tap) - Hailed best female tapper to audition on SYTYCD
- Alexie Agdeppa (contemporary) - Beautiful dancer from Los Angeles
- Channing Cooke (contemporary) - Travis Wall likes her I think
- Pauline Mata (contemporary) - auditioned season five

** About four ballroom dancers in the bunch (2 boys, 2 girls); none of the girls as hot as Chelsie Hightower. One of the couples is married. There was another championship couple during Vegas but got cut.



Karen said...

I think that means Ryan is going to be choreographing Broadway numbers this season!

American Idol Download said...

Yes you are right.