Monday, August 24, 2009

Movie Thoughts: "Last Chance Harvey"

Watched "Last Chance Harvey" last night, starring Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson. God I love me some Emma Thompson -- the woman radiates warmth, intelligence, humor and all things good. She was in fine form during the flick, as was Dustin, and the two shared a genuine chemistry, but all in all the movie was a bit of a letdown -- it all just felt a little trite. As my boyfriend asked, "With two stars like these, why couldn't they have come up with a better movie?"

Still, not a total waste of time -- there were moments of real sweetness, as these two lost souls connected in ways neither thought they were still capable of. Maybe next time the two Oscar winners are cast in a movie together they'll be given some more substantial material to work with.

It was good to see Kathy Baker, though! True, she hasn't played a good role since Picket Fences went off the air a million years ago, but I can't help but smile when she appears onscreen. Richard Schiff, as well -- true, he's always playing a version of Toby from West Wing, but I still love him.

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